Favorite Websites

Here are links to a few of my favorite places to browse for recipes online.

All You--great recipes that are family-friendly and budget conscious
Cook's Illustrated--searchable database of every recipe ever featured in the magazine.  This site requires a subscription, but you can get a 14-day free trial.  You can also access tips, tricks, and extensive equipment and ingredient reviews.  These recipes tend to be a little more fussy and involved, with more exotic ingredients that can be hard for me to find with my limited access to grocery stores.  However, they are pretty fool-proof.
Cook's Country--like Cook's Illustrated, a searchable database on a subscription basis.  14-day free trial is available here, too.  I find these recipes to be more practical, with ingredients I usually have on hand or can easily get.  Each issue of the magazine features at least eight 30-minute recipes, and they're all available on this site.  I also really like the menus they have put together on their homepage.
Food Network--I like about this site that when you search by an ingredient, you get a ton of really good recipes in a wide range of styles, and they are extensively reviewed by real people.

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